The journey from I wish to I will to I DID!

At a New year brunch with his ex-college mates, quoting a popular meme, Ayyub exclaimed, “My New Year’s resolution is to stop hanging out with people who ask me about my New Year’s resolutions!” and laughed out loud. Just like Ayyub, so many of us refrain from making any resolutions for the new year for fear of never fulfilling them. Attempting multiple things, lack of clarity in planning and giving oneself a sense of false hope are some very common reasons why most resolutions fail.

Goals give us direction and according to neuroscience research, creating goals causes our brains to change. Setting goals has been associated with increased motivation,
self-worth, confidence, and autonomy. Goal setting affects how our neurons are organized and so we are physiologically programming our brains to alter or develop new behaviors and achieve them.

Focusing on a particular objective enables the brain to forge new, stronger connections between neurons that improve the likelihood that we will succeed in our efforts. We can monitor our goals using science-based resolution strategies.

Some methods include –
● Establishing quantifiable, precise goals which are in line with your values and priorities.
● Reviewing your progress frequently and revising your plan as required. Using motivational self-talk and affirmations to keep yourself upbeat.
● Rewarding yourself when you achieve milestones or advance towards your goal.

Our scientific research based, and targeted BrainRx brain training is focused on improving cognitive skills. We set goals, monitor progress, and reinforce progress made at every step of the training to achieve amazing results.
The CognoSkillz brain training aims to improve mental performance and alter how the brain processes and makes use of new information. If you want to improve your ability to pay more attention, remember information better, improve your reasoning and organizing skills, we can help. Better cognitive abilities translate into better and faster mental performance, which is excellent news for those who want to achieve their personal and professional goals for the new year.

Schedule your evaluation right away if you’re interested in learning more about how the experts at the CognoSkillz can support you as you work toward your objectives and fulfill your resolutions. 


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