External Chaos to Inner Calm

Do you frequently find yourself rushing around in the morning rush looking for your child’s school ID card, notebooks, or even school shoes? Have you noticed that your child always needs to double-check their academic work with a classmate? Do you spend most of your waking hours trying to sort through your child’s perennially disorganized life? Chances are your child might be facing challenges with their Executive Function skills.

According to cognitive science and neuropsychology, children need executive function skills (EFS) like adults do to complete a variety of daily tasks like getting ready for school, concentrating in class, and finishing homework. These tasks include reasoning, working memory, and self-control. Focused attention, ability to be organized, self-regulation, and planning are all functions of this group of mental abilities. Regardless of how brilliant they are, children who struggle with their EFS frequently have problems staying organized, controlling their impulses, and following through on tasks. Their capacity to perform to their full potential and succeed in school is hampered by this.

Thankfully, the human brain is neuroplastic, allowing it to change and rewire itself with time and support. This process can be aided by concrete tactics and deliberate memory practice, for example.

  • Providing organized visual instructions with detailed step-by-step guidance.
  • Including checklists, “to do” lists, and planners in the child’s daily routine.
  • Utilizing stopwatches and clocks to incorporate time management for task completion.
  • Using positive reinforcement to keep children on target and being patient with them until they understand the process.
  • Dividing lengthy assignments into manageable tasks and giving each one a small deadline.

Children’s executive functions can be developed through brain training which assist in creating new neural connections in the brain and alters a person’s behavior.

Through our effective one-on-one professional training and cutting-edge Brain Rx brain training program, CognoSkillz uses a special mix of fun and intensive mental exercises done face to face with a dedicated brain trainer who gives you encouragement and direct feedback during training.

We personalize the learning plan for you or your child to focus on the seven key cognitive skills – reasoning, processing speed, visual and auditory processing, attention, short term, and long-term memory. This significantly enhances your or your child’s mental processes, enabling you to better manage and organize your environment.

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