Remember! Don’t forget!

“How did you forget you had a test in school today?” 

“You forgot to bring back your water bottle from school again? 

 “My son forgets to wear his school ID card every other day!” 

“My daughter forgets to do her homework every time!” 

Many parents will resonate with these rants. Most of them would have made that extra trip to  their child’s school every other week to drop off items that have been forgotten, like lunches,  homework, project models and so on, despite numerous reminders. 

Everybody has occasional forgetfulness. Some children, however, appear to forget everything.  Completing tasks, following basic daily instructions, and recalling lists could be challenging for  them. However, these children aren’t forgetful, lazy or unable to retain knowledge; they are  merely having trouble with memory.  

There are two kinds of memory-Short-term or Working memory and Long-term memory. 

Short term memory works with attention to keep track of incoming information. It’s when your  brain takes in information to use it temporarily to do tasks, for example: remember a number  while calculating in math or transfers it to Long term memory, for example: remembering  tasks to be done a day or few days later.  

Weak working memory in children causes them to not focus or pay attention which leads the  child to not remember how to do simple tasks. The child can struggle to remember to do  homework, their ability to manage their time and working towards completion of day to day activities. 

Lack of sleep, hunger and stress are a few of the common factors that contribute to children’s  forgetfulness.  

While all this can be extremely frustrating Parents can make a significant difference by improving the child’s lifestyle. Regular exercise, good sleep and ensuring their youngster eat a  balanced diet that has Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C, which support memory and aids in cognitive function. 

The brain has several parts that work together to perform its complicated functions. One of the  critical brain tasks is memory and learning. Research states that Short term and Long term  memory is bolstered and significantly improved by brain training activities and games. Children  can read, focus, remember, and learn more easily by playing thoroughly enjoyable and  intriguing games that challenge the mind and sharpen their memory in the process. 

CognoSkillz offers exceptional one-to-one brain training programs from BrainRx. Attention  span, memory, reasoning, and processing speed are just a few of the fundamental learning and thinking skills that these programs aim to enhance. Our individualized programs concentrate  on client specific brain training objectives. 

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